Andy Boulton van Tokyo Blade

Hi, could you introduce yourself and the band for those who are not familiar (yet) with Tokyo Blade?
Hi I’m Andy Boulton from Tokyo Blade, with John Wiggins (guitar), Alan Marsh (vocals), Steve Pierce (drums) and Andy Wrighton (bass).

You are one of the bands that is considered part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Those early 80s were an exciting time for heavy metal. You already were quite popular in the Netherlands back then, right?
Yes indeed we did our first 2 big shows in the Netherlands with Metallica and Venom. This was Aardschok festival and Earthquake festival. Holland is very dear in our hearts and the Dutch fans always give us a very warm reception, it’s an honour to play for them.

In recent years you often performed in the Netherlands and the last performances you did with the original line-up. How is it being back together again?
It feels like we’ve never been apart actually, we spent most of our lives playing music together. Steve and I for example have been friends since we were 6 years old and went to school together.

Is there a big difference in crowd reception when you compare shows now opposed to back in the 80s? And do you see many younger fans that are interested in your music?
We still have fun on stage (and off) we have no ego’s and generally people are often surprised how down to earth and friendly we are, which always surprises us as we have always considered ourselves to be just ordinary guys who play music. We’ve been ripped off by just about every record company so we certainly don’t do it for the money lol! I can’t believe how many young fans we have, I would never have believed that I’d still be performing at my age lol, I’m happy to carry on until I’m not able to do it, it’s fun and life is short.

Last year you already performed at Baroeg as part of the Rotterdam Rocks festival and now you will be back for a show on Baroeg Open Air. Were you familiar with Baroeg and Baroeg Open Air before and whats your opinion on Baroeg?
Well we love playing in Holland of course and Baroeg is such a great place so we’re excited to be coming back. We have heard about the Baroeg Open Air and it’s an honour to be asked to play.

This year is the 10th edition of Baroeg Open Air. Its a free festival with a varied line-up. How do you feel about performing on such a fest where theres psychobilly and electronic music next to heavy metal?
We are just happy to play; it makes no difference to us who else is on the bill or what genre of music. We always give it our very best and we enjoy ourselves on stage and hopefully the fans will enjoy us too.

Is there anything special we can expect of Tokyo Blade on Baroeg Open Air? Perhaps new songs or strictly classic tracks?
Well I don’t want to give too much away yet lol, of course we will be playing all the classics but I think we have a special surprise for the fans. It will be good to give them something special as they played a huge part in Tokyo Blade’s early rise.

Is there any other band on this years line-up that you would like to see yourself and why?
There’s some very interesting looking bands and we’ll be looking forward to hearing some great music I’m sure. It always gives me a great feeling to see people come together to enjoy their love of music and to party, lets wish for a very successful and peaceful festival.

Anything else youd like to mention to our visitors on September 9th?
Just a big thank you to all our fans and we hope you enjoy the festival and have a great and peaceful experience on the day. God bless you all and long live rock and roll.

Peace out! Andy

Tokyo Blade is live te zien op de Large stage van Baroeg Open Air 2017! Bestel de Knight Of The Blade 4-CD boxset bij Large:{b21894}/?